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Discount Reasons
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Discount Reasons are displayed within a dropdown when adding a discount during checkout, and can be selected by your front desk staff for price adjustments.

Note: Discount Reasons are available to all businesses. However, Offers are only available to businesses with Premier and Enterprise subscriptions. If you are a Premier or Enterprise customer, please see the Offers support article.

Adding a New Discount Reason

  1. Go to Business Settings > Discount Reasons > New Discount Reason.

  2. Enter in the Discount Reason and click Save.


Deleting and Editing a Discount Reason

NOTE: Deleting a discount reason will make it inactive, however, it will still appear in reports and sales.

  1. Select the Reason in the list.

  2. Edit details and click Save.


  3. Click the trash can icon on the bottom left to delete.


Applying Discount Reasons in Checkout

See the Discounts support article to understand how to apply a discount reason in a ticket.

Viewing Discount Reason Usage

In Reports

Discount Reasons are visible in the Detailed Line Item report under the “Description” column. You can click the column name to sort by description type and group together the discount reasons that you wish to see. If multiple discounts are applied to a single line item, all applied discounts will display within the Discount Name column.

Please note that, when filtering by Discount Name, a line item will only populate if all applied discounts are selected. For example, if “Summer Promo” and “Tuesday Savings” are applied to a service, the Discount Name filters for both “Summer Promo,” “Tuesday Savings” must be selected for the service sale to populate.

In Sales

After a discount has been applied to an appointment, the Discount Reason appears next to the discounted amount. Reasons can be changed after the discount has been added.

Example Discount Reason in Checkout Window


Example Discount Reason in Closed Order Window


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