Pre-Payments and Deposits

Details on how to enable, create and manage pre-payments and deposits.

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Pre-payments and deposits are added as account credits on a Client Profile. This account credit can be paid for during self-booking, in an existing order at checkout, or it can be sold separately in a retail-only order. Once paid for, account credits appear in the Payment Methods tab on a Client Profile and can then be applied to future orders. The line item on the receipts shows "Account Credit - [Client Name]".

Enable Self-Booking Deposits

  1. On the location level, navigate to Manage > Services. Select the service to open the Service details.

  2. Under Staff, find the name of the location and/or service provider and click Customize.

  3. Check the box for Custom Deposit for Online Booking and enter the percent of the total service value.

  4. Click Update Service to save changes.

    All customizations immediately go live and new deposits are reflected in the service details and on the self-booking overlay.

    No-show and/or cancellation deposit terms can be added to your Cancellation Policy.

    NOTE: Deposits must be set for each individual service.

Paying a Deposit in a New Sale

  1. Navigate to Sales > New Sale.

  2. In the checkout window, find and select the client at the top left.

  3. Click + next to Account Credits from the checkout window.

  4. In the Account Credit section, select the name of the client to credit (often the same name), enter the dollar amount to credit, and click Add.

  5. Complete checkout as usual.

  6. The deposit appears as an Account Credit in the customer's Client Profile under Payment Methods.

Paying a Deposit in an Existing Order

  1. At checkout in the Account Credit section, click + next to Account Credits.

  2. Enter the dollar amount of the deposit and click Add.

  3. Complete checkout as usual.

  4. The deposit appears as an Account Credit in the customer's Client Profile under Payment Methods.

Applying a Deposit

  1. At the bottom of the checkout window, current account credit appears in green in the Credits section.

  2. Click the Credits button, enter the amount to apply, then Charge Partial.

  3. The applied credit show as Applied Account Debit.

  4. Complete checkout as usual for the remaining order balance (if applicable).

NOTE: Employees with their own merchant accounts need to be paid out service deposits (stored as account credit) when redeemed. These funds, by default, go to the main business merchant account (more information on Individual Merchants here).

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