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Boulevard offers a simple time clock feature to allow staff and managers to clock in and clock out, tracking the working hours for individual staff members. These working hours are then compiled into the Time Clock report for easy input into payroll systems. To enable the Time Clock feature, from the location Manage tab, under Business Details, check the box for Enable Timeclock. Users with 'Edit Timecards' privileges can clock others in/out. Users without 'Edit Timecards' privileges can only clock themselves in/out and cannot update their timecards or edit times. A separate privilege of 'Clock others in/out' is also available.

Basic Use of the Time Clock

  1. At the business location level click the clock icon at the top right of the screen

  2. Click in the staff member's row to Clock-in or Clock-out


  3. If the staff member is not scheduled, click the purple New Timecard button at the top right to search for the person and create their timecard or hover your mouse where the shift should be placed and click ADD +. Add a reason from the dropdown.


  4. Click New Timecard when finished

  5. The notification number in purple to the upper right of the clock icon represents the total number of currently clocked-in shifts.


NOTE: Staff members must have a Schedule created for the staff name to be automatically added to time cards. If a staff member does not have a schedule, they need to create a new time card daily to track hours worked.

Editing and Voiding a Timecard

Only Admins or other users with 'Edit Timecards' privileges can edit individual timecards. To edit or void a time card:

  1. Click directly on the specific shift time that you wish to edit


  2. In the Update Timecard window make the necessary changes to the time.


  3. Add a reason for the change

  4. Click Update Timecard or

  5. Click Void to delete the timecard

Defining Timecard Reasons

Ensure Timecard reasons are entered correctly so that reporting is consistent and easy to understand.

  1. Navigate to your Manage Location settings. In the Details tab, enable the Timeclock. By default, there will be one "Other Reason" created to allow staff to enter any reason they'd like.


  2. By default, there will be one "Other Reason" created to allow staff to enter any reason they'd like.

  3. Click Add Reason to enter an option that staff members can choose from when adding a new timecard.


  4. Click the menu dropdown next to a reason to make it the default option or remove it.

  5. Toggle on "Ask for a timecard reason on staff clock in" to make selecting a reason required.


Filtering the Time Clock

Similar to the Front Desk view, dates within the Time Clock view can be toggled using the left and right buttons and also using the calendar date-picker on the left. Specific filters can be applied to view only select staff members, and to also view time cards according to status including:

  • All Timecards - all time cards regardless of status

  • Needs Review - all time cards that are marked with errors need review

  • Incomplete - all time cards with shifts that are only clocked in

  • Complete - all time cards with shifts that are both clocked in and clocked out

  • Voided - all time cards that have previously been voided


Time Clock Report

The Time Clock report lists by the service provider the total hours worked across a preselected date range. When a timecard is edited, a reason must be given which is then displayed in the 'Reason' column. To access the Time Clock report:

  1. Select the Reports tab

  2. Under the Staff section select Time Clock

  3. Filter by the staff member or date range if desired

  4. Download or email as you would any other report


Example Time Clock Report


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