Before a customer can book an appointment online, available working hours called "Shifts" must be published for each available service-provider. Unlike the business, which can place appointments anywhere on the calendar, customers can only self-book appointments online during a published available shift. Staff shifts are published and edited in the dashboard, not through the mobile app, and can be published by both the business or the individual service provider.

FIRST-TIME Publishing Shifts

  1. On the location level, navigate to Manage > Schedule, then Click the + icon next to the staff member's name.

  2. Under Shifts, check each available day of the week and enter in the start and end times on each day. To the left, keep "Available" selected, then choose the start and end dates that these available shifts should be published. Choosing 'Ongoing' as the end date will publish out the shifts indefinitely.

  3. Once all available days and shifts are entered, click Publish. Shifts will be published every week during the specified date range, or on an ongoing basis. Speed Tip: To quickly add availability for a different service-provider, keep the same window open and use the Staff dropdown menu to select another service-provider then repeat the steps above.

  4. Published recurring shifts will appear in light blue boxes with a repeat icon.

  5. Short time-blocking events such as personal events, lunch, meetings, etc. should be done directly on the calendar using time blockers.


CHANGING an Already-Published Shift

An important note about overrides - When using the steps above to publish new availability, all future shifts that have been customized ('exceptions' that appear in dark blue boxes) will be overridden/deleted. However all future shifts that have been made unavailable (grey boxes) will be unaffected/preserved.

  1. On the location level, navigate to Manage and then Schedule.

  2. To make changes across multiple days, click the + icon next to the staff name and follow the instructions above or

  3. To make one-off changes, click the light blue box to edit the specific shift for that day of the week.

  4. To make only the selected day unavailable, check Publish as Unavailable, enter a reason, and click Save. Unavailable shifts appear as grey boxes. Future shifts on the same day of the week will not be affected.

  5. To delete all shifts on the same day of the week, click Remove at the bottom of the window, choose the starting date, then click Save. Future shifts on the same day of the week will be removed.


ADDING a Custom/One-off Shift

  1. On the Schedule, navigate to the day on which you wish to add a custom shift.

  2. Hover your mouse over the specific day, then click Add.

  3. Enter in the details of the shift, choosing to have that shift published on:

    • Only that day

    • That day of the week ongoing

    • That day of the week during custom range (specific time period)

  4. Click Publish. One-off shifts will appear as dark blue boxes.

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