Adding New Employees

Steps on how to add new employees to the Boulevard dashboard.

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Please follow the steps below when adding a new employee:

  1. Add contact information, a photo, and assign their Staff Role, Privileges, and Location(s)

  2. Assign to Services and customize pricing and durations (if applicable)

  3. Add a Pay Rate to track commission (if applicable)

  4. Invite the Employee to Boulevard

  5. Publish a shift for that new employee

New Employee Checklist

IMPORTANT: Before adding a new employee or staff member, make sure to have already created both the Staff Role and Privileges to which they'll be assigned.

  1. Navigate to the main business page, go to Employees > New Employee > enter in their contact information, assign Staff Role, Privileges, and Assigned Location(s) then click Create Employee.


    Staff role assigns the staff members' job title at the business. The privilege group determines what a user is able to do in Boulevard.

  2. On the next screen, Contact Info, you can upload a photo, choose a color for that employee's calendar, add a biography, and Save.

    You can set an "Alias Name," which appears in client-facing communications instead. That this is different from the employee's "Internal Display Name," which only applies to the Calendar view of the Dashboard.


    The staff member now appears in your list of active employees. Make sure to also select if that person should be available for online bookings by deselecting the box that says 'Allow Online Bookings'.

  3. Next in the Staff Profile, click on the Services tab. Here, click Customize next to each service to make that person assignable to that service. You can add many custom values for every service. Click Update Service after all changes are entered.



  4. To choose how the staff member is notified about appointments, click the Communication tab. Toggle the switches next to each option to enable or disable that notification method.



  5. If the new employee is receiving service or product commission, you want to Add a Pay Rate on the Compensation tab.



  6. Once an employee is added, they must be invited to use Boulevard. Click the mail icon to the right of their email address to send them their invite email with login details. They are sent an email, in which they should click a purple Accept Invitation button to set their password.

    NOTE: Invite email links expire after 15 minutes. If the new user accepts the invite after 15 minutes, the link is invalid and needs to be resent.


    Staff can set their preferred pronouns in their Settings. This is displayed next to their name in the calendar selection so employees can always address their peers correctly.

  7. The final step is to publish a Staff Shift so that the employee can begin accepting online bookings and/or have visible working hours on the calendar. This is done in the manage location tab within the schedule tab.

    Select the + Icon next to the employee that you would like to publish availability. This brings up the reoccurring shift window where you can input the staff availability on a weekly, biweekly, 3-week, and 4-week basis.

    IMPORTANT: This is on a location level and needs to be completed for each location the staff member is active at.

Customize How Employee Names Appear to Clients

You can choose how employee names appear to clients within your self-booking overlay, confirmation emails, and receipts. In the Business Details tab of your Manage Business settings, you can choose to display staff names as "First and Last Name", "First and Last Initial", or simply "First Name".

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