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Pre-Launch Email Template [Staff]
Pre-Launch Email Template [Staff]

This article provides an email template to easily inform staff of an upcoming launch with Boulevard.

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Please use the email template below to easily inform staff of an upcoming launch with Boulevard. Sending this email is optional, and best sent about a week before go-live.

Instructions for Sending

  1. Cut and paste the text below into a new draft email

  2. Replace the text within ##{{brackets}} with your specific details

  3. Add staff recipient email addresses and Send

Hi ##{{Business Name}} Team,

We are excited to announce that we are transitioning from ##{{Current Solution}} to Boulevard on ##{{Launch Date}}. Boulevard is an extremely modern technology platform designed specifically for high-end salons and spas to manage client scheduling, messaging, and point-of-sale. You're going to love it because:

  • Your clients won't be texting you when we're closed because they'll be able to book themselves through our website. You can choose which of your services are bookable online.

  • Clients will only be able to see available times on your calendar that work best for your schedule, automatically taking into account processing time and preventing gaps between appointments.

  • Credit cards are required to book, so we can optionally charge late cancel and no-show fees.

  • You can create appointments, and view and edit your schedule, update tickets, and add client notes with the Boulevard Professional mobile app.

  • Your clients can have custom prices that apply only to them, every time.

  • Many, many other features to help you earn more and to help us deliver an amazing customer experience!

Making the switch will be seamless because your current service prices, durations, and work hours will be imported into Boulevard. After you receive an invitation to our account, you'll be able to review your preferences to make sure they're perfect.

Please keep an eye out for an email from Boulevard with the subject "You're Invited to ##{{Business Name}} on Boulevard". It will look like the image at the bottom of this message.

From a mobile device, click the purple "Log in to app" button or if on a computer, click "Log in to Dashboard". You will then be prompted to log into Boulevard to set a password for your account. On your phone, it will prompt you to download the Boulevard Professional app first, available for iPhone and Android.

After setting a password, you'll be able to review your assigned services, prices, durations, notification preferences, and your profile information. Please make sure all this info is up to date and upload a photo if we haven't already.

Once we go live with Boulevard, you will receive another email with additional information. You can learn more about Boulevard on its website. Specific topics and features can be searched within the Boulevard Support Center and Academy site. If you have any questions, please contact ##{{Business Point Person}}.

Thank you!


Example Invite Email

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