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Q: How do I update my bank account information for deposits?

There are two ways you can get into your merchant info depending on system access.

  • Business Owners/Admins: Gear Icon > Payment Processing > View Merchant.

  • Independent Contractors (ICs): Profile Icon > My Settings > Merchant > View Activity

Once in the activity area, click the "Account Info" tab and update your bank details (routing number and account number).

IMPORTANT: You must connect a CHECKING account when you are submitting or updating merchant details.

NOTE: When a merchant account's bank information is changed, it takes 1-2 business days to take effect. Once you update your bank account, a member of our Payments team reaches out to confirm the changes with you.

Q: How do I change the email address for dispute updates in a merchant account?

Navigate to Manage Business > Payment Processing > View Merchant. Select the account info tab and click in the contact email for dispute updates. The contact field pulls from staff profiles, so be sure to add the email address that is linked to a staff users account.

Q: How do my ICs submit merchant applications if they don't have access to Business Settings (Gear Icon)?

They can do so in their settings area - Profile Picture > My Settings > Merchant. If they don't have an active merchant account set up they are able to apply for a merchant account here.

Q: Where will I be notified about any disputes that are made against my account?

You are notified via the email you list in the "Contact Email" area of your Account Info tab. Please be sure that this area is filled in so you can receive any communication regarding disputes!

Q: Can I set up a commission for my ICs so that only a percentage of their sales will be deposited into their merchant account?

Employees with their own merchant accounts are considered separate taxable business entities, and therefore 100% of net sales revenue that is due to them is routed to their Merchant Accounts. This ignores any Commission settings in the Boulevard Dashboard. You are still able to set Commission settings for these staff which then shows in Boulevard Reports; referencing these amounts, you are able to know how much Commission-related charges to invoice from this staff according to any agreed-upon arrangements you made with them.

Employees with their own merchant accounts need to be paid out for product sales, gift card redemptions, service deposits (stored as account credit) when redeemed, and cash sales. These funds, by default, go to the main business merchant account. Cancellation and No Show charges will be deposited to the IC (when done through Boulevard's flow of "client late canceled" or "client no-showed" as an appointment cancellation reason then charging through the option in the window).

If Cancellation or No Show fees are collected differently at your business such as through a product, that goes to the main business account. Please reach out to Help Chat or your CSM if you need to discuss your unique situation. Cash sales to individual merchants should be paid out of the drawer (when applicable) by doing a “pay out” for the total of the funds so that your drawer balances properly at the end of the day (more information on the register here). Please reference this walkthrough on Multi-Merchant Accounts for more information surrounding fees, refunds, etc.

Q: How do I ensure my application is filled out correctly to avoid delays in account approval?

When walking through the merchant application be sure to submit the fields under Step 1 (owner information) as they pertain to you, not the business. For example, the address area under owner information is your home address (no PO boxes please), not the business address. Anything in Step 3 (merchant info) would be related to the business (i.e. address of the business you're performing services out of).

For IC accounts: the Merchant Account Statement Name field has a limit of 22 characters. Please try to make this field relative to the business you're operating out of because this is what appears on your client’s credit card statement. For example, instead of “JSmith Hair” we recommend “John at Abundant Salon”.

Multi-merchant transactions: Split and Fees

Sales incorporating multiple merchants are split into separate transactions during checkout. Clients only need to swipe their card once. All merchant accounts (primary as well as independent contractors or additional bank accounts) are assessed a 1% fee on their portion of the transaction for the use of this feature.

Credit Card Fees

Credit card processing fees are absorbed by each merchant and are withdrawn prior to deposit.

Please reach out to our team via Help Chat or by emailing if you have any questions or need assistance!

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