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Overview of Boulevard's Beta Reports including how to create and organize folders, add reports to a folder and report terms.

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Boulevard’s Beta Reports allows you to turn customizable templates into unique reports. You can add or remove columns, filter data, or sort a report to view the data the way you prefer.

Boulevard’s classic Reports are still available but eventually will be removed once all data is accessible within the new Beta Reports.

Things to note:

  • Sales totals in Reports include Taxes, but Beta Reports do not include Taxes within Sales totals. If you notice number differences, this is why.

Create and Organize Folders

All Reports displays a full list of reports for your business with descriptions, what folder it’s saved in, who created it, and when it was last updated.

Click the star icon on any report to add it to your Favorites folder.


Create a folder by clicking the (+) icon next to Report Folders.


Add Reports to a Folder

  1. Create a new report by clicking Add Report + within the folder you’d like to save it.

  2. Choose the report template by clicking Add +.

  3. Change the name of the report, description, or folder it’s saved in by choosing Edit next to the report name.

  4. Edit the primary Report Data, Rows Grouped By, or And Then Grouped By by clicking the Customize Report dropdown.

  5. Add a Filter by choosing the Filter Report dropdown.


  6. Sort data within your report by choosing any of the arrows next to a column.

  7. Drilldown any sales data point by clicking on it to open a new detailed view of what sales orders resulted in that number.

    Select Save as New Report to save the drill down information to access, send, or export the data.

    The new Drilldown Report is saved and can be accessed through the shortcut at the bottom of your screen.


  8. To change the report timeframe, click the calendar dropdown and choose any custom timeframe.

  9. Save any changes made to the Customize Report dropdown and Filter Report dropdown.

  10. Select Email as CSV to send a report to an employee with report access or Manage Access to share with an employee who does not have report access.

  11. Download to save to your computer as a CSV or Excel File.

12. Duplicate to make a copy and change the data or filters within a separate report.

Report Terms

  • Template - Report layout that can be reused and saved across different datasets

  • Report Data - Primary row grouping

  • Rows Grouped By - Secondary row grouping

  • Columns - Metrics or data points available to add to a report

  • Filter - Include or exclude data that appears within the report

To understand what each data measure means, see Beta Reports Data Glossary.

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