This will detail some common questions that may arise around our Marketing Consent feature -

What is marketing consent?

  • Marketing consent refers to a client’s ability to choose the type of messages they receive from a business. Typically, there are two types of consent - implicit and explicit.

Implicit consent means that when a client interacts with a business (by visiting their location or purchasing something) and providing their email address, we can reasonably assume they want to be contacted by that business. However, there is usually a time limitation to how long we can assume this consent, typically 24-months.

Explicit consent means that a client has purposefully taken a manual action online and chosen to opt into receiving marketing messages from a business. During the act of opting in, the client can typically specify the channel they’re comfortable receiving messages through–in our case, they can choose email and/or text messages. Explicit consent is valid until the client decides to opt out, and is the industry standard as there are some laws that require this type of consent for message types, specifically texts.

Why is Boulevard collecting marketing opt-in preferences from clients?

  • As we continue to grow Boulevard’s functionality, we want to ensure we’re following industry best practices and adhering to relevant laws regarding email and text marketing. This means we want to begin collecting explicit consent for both email and text marketing. While it’s not legally required for email marketing communications, it is legally required for text marketing communications. Collecting clients' explicit marketing preferences will help ensure that you are reaching an engaged audience, prevent spam complaints, and are compliant with current legislation–so that you can most effectively use email marketing as it currently exists in Marketing Suite, as well as use Boulevard’s text marketing feature, coming in the future.

How can a client choose their marketing opt in preferences?

  • Once this update has been released, all existing and new clients booking an appointment through the booking widget will be asked to select their marketing opt-in preferences. Here they can opt out, or choose to opt in, and select which type of communications they want to receive. Clients can also ask front desk staff to be opted into email marketing when they are visiting a business.

How can clients update their marketing opt-in preferences?

  • After a client has chosen their preferences, they can edit them through the booking widget when creating new appointments, or through their online profile. We also plan to include a link in all transactional emails (release date TBD). Clients can also opt out through any marketing email they receive.

How can clients opt out?

  • Clients can opt out through the ‘unsubscribe’ link found in any marketing emails they’ve received, or when they are booking an appointment through the booking widget. Clients could also contact your business, and you can opt them out via their client profile.

How can I see if a client has opted in?

  • Each client profile will show if a client has chosen their marketing opt-in preferences. Clients can choose to opt into receiving Email only, Email and text, or Text only. Clients can also opt out. If the client has not updated their preferences, you will see a dropdown labeled “Marketing Opt-In” without anything else selected.

Why can’t a client be opted into SMS via the dashboard?

  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires that a client has to take a physical action to opt in to receiving text messages - meaning we cannot accept verbal consent at this time. We are exploring other ways we could allow for setting text consent through the dashboard, but for now, the client will have to physically opt in via the booking widget or their online profile.

Will marketing opt-in preferences change which clients receive emails via Marketing Suite?

  • If a client opts out of receiving emails via the booking widget or their online profile, we will not send them any further Marketing Suite campaigns. If a client has yet to choose their marketing opt in preferences, they will still be eligible to receive campaigns.

Why can’t I opt a client back in via the dashboard?

  • If a client has opted out, it is industry best practice to respect that preference. Clients will need to opt back in via the booking widget, or their online profile.

Can I choose which staff members can edit Marketing Opt-In consent?

  • Yes, there is a new privilege under the “Marketing” section labeled “Set & Edit Marketing Opt In Preferences”. If turned off, anyone in the privilege group will not be able to change a client’s Marketing Opt-In setting. We’ll be defaulting this privilege to on for all existing privilege groups.

Can I change the verbiage for the opt in question on the Booking Widget?

  • At this time, the language is not editable.

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