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How to complete a order checkout using Boulevard's Professional App.

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With the Boulevard Professional App, staff members can close out appointments directly from their phones. See below for important caveats regarding Mobile Checkout.

NOTE: Mobile Checkout is only available in the Boulevard Professional iOS app only.

Initiating Mobile Checkout

  1. In the Boulevard Professional app, tap any appointment to open up the Appointment Details.


  2. When the client is ready to pay for their appointment tap Checkout. The checkout window slides up from the bottom of the screen.


  3. From here you can checkout the client as you normally would including:

    1. Adjust the price or add a discount and save pricing accommodations

    2. Add Gratuity

    3. Add any product including suggested products, memberships, or packages

    4. Add a new gift card by entering a new gift card code

    5. Change the seller of any item

    6. Add an offer for applicable line items. If an offer is set to auto-apply, it will be automatically added to the appropriate line items.

  4. Once any modifications are made to the ticket, choose the Payment method:

    1. Card (Choose from the saved card on file or enter a new credit card)

    2. Cash

    3. Gift Card (Search for gift card code)

    4. Account Credit

    5. Other

  5. Finalize the payment by selecting Charge.

  6. Now the Appointment Details appear and the appointment is labeled as Paid. You can send an emailed receipt to the client by selecting Email Receipt. The price shown in the Appointment Details, even after an appointment has been checked out, shows the service list price, not the final cost of the appointment or the price after gratuity.

To see the full order details, tap the green Paid banner. From here you can see gratuity, tax, etc. You also have the ability to email a receipt from Order Details as well.


NOTE: Only staff members with the "View Sales" privilege are able to view Order Details.


Granting Staff Access to Mobile Checkout

  • In order to use mobile checkout from the Professional app, staff members must have certain privileges:

    • In your Manage Business settings select the Privilege Groups section

    • Ensure staff who you’d like to use mobile checkout has both of the following privileges:

      • Screen_Shot_2021-02-16_at_5.37.01_PM.png
      • Screen_Shot_2021-02-16_at_5.36.52_PM.png

    • All other checkout privileges apply to mobile checkout as well, including the ability to view client contact information. If a staff member does not have this privilege enabled, they do not see the client's full email address but can still send them a receipt:

    • If a staff member has the correct privileges but mobile checkout isn’t appearing in their app, please try updating the app from the Apple App Store


  • You cannot accomplish a few things in mobile checkout:

    • Add products from previous purchases

    • Loyalty points

    • Redeem vouchers

    • Group checkout

    • Retail or gratuity-only orders including memberships

    • Collect signatures or gratuity via iPad/phone

    • Order Management (Refunds, voiding orders, changing operators, changing sellers, printing receipts)

    • If someone initiates checkout in the dashboard ahead of time, they can add or accomplish any of these modifications. This progress is saved and anyone who initiates checkout from the app displays these modifications and the user can finish the checkout process.

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