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With Boulevard’s Messages, your business can deliver a premium, interactive client communication experience through every step of the client appointment journey through:

The capabilities listed above require the setup of a dedicated phone number.


To begin, you need to set up a dedicated phone number. A dedicated phone number is a unique phone number you can set up for each location to unlock a premium, personal communication experience for your clients. A dedicated phone number allows clients to reach your business directly, at any moment. It also allows your business to track and manage ongoing text conversations with your clients to build long-lasting loyalty while increasing trust and brand recognition.

User privileges

Below is a list of privilege groups associated with using Message features.



Register phone number

Ability to create a dedicated phone number.

View messages

Ability to read text messages from clients in the “Messages” inbox.

Send messages

Ability to send text messages to clients from the “Messages” inbox.

View and edit client notifications

Ability to view and manage client notification settings.

You can learn more about privilege groups and default behavior here.

Using the Messages Tab

Once a dedicated phone number has been set up for your location, the “Messages” tab offers a centralized view to manage all client text conversations. From here, you can see all client conversation history, inclusive of appointment notification texts and any ongoing text conversations. You can send new text messages to clients and converse at any time, while easily accessing appointment history and client profiles for reference. Usage rates apply for sent and received text segments.

At the location level, click the Messages tab at the top of the screen. At the top left is the option to toggle between open and closed conversations.

Send a text to any client by selecting their conversation, clicking into the text box, and entering your message. When a client replies, a number indicator on Messages in the top menu is visible.

All completed conversations can be manually marked as closed by selecting the check box at the top right of the conversation.

Conversation View

In the conversation view, there’s an option to leave an internal note. Select the Note icon in the top right and enter your text. Click save when complete. These notes are seen internally and are not sent to the client.

Clicking the client’s name takes you directly to the client profile. When communicating with clients in your Messages inbox, you have the option to “Send and close”. Once your message in the text input field is ready to send, click the “Send and close” button to send the message immediately and close the text thread.

Any new, inbound messages from the recipient will reopen the message and notify you via the badge notification within your inbox.You can also see any tags associated with the client’s profile. Hovering over the tag will let you know what the tag is.

Hovering over the message from the open/closed menu will show a read receipt with a time stamp.

Using Messages within Client Profiles

Once in the Client Profile, click the Messages tab. The chat dialogue with that individual client appears in a similar layout as the general Messages feature.

You can also click on the messages icon in the top right corner of the client profile. A modal opens, allowing you to quickly text the client.

NOTE: Messages cannot be deleted.

SMS Delivery Errors

Occasional issues may occur with delivery including downstream issues with the client’s carrier, issues with the message format, or an invalid recipient phone number. In the event of a message delivery failure, you will see an indicator alongside the affected message.

The message itself will be flagged in red within the conversation window to indicate a failed delivery. By hovering over the tooltip, you’ll be able to see the cause of the delivery failure and a recommended action to resolve the issue.

Check out the Message Delivery Errors for common error types and explanations.

Client Notifications

Client Notifications empower your business to reduce no-shows and engage your clients through every step of their appointment journey through automated email and text notifications. You can enable and manage these notifications from the Client Notifications section, found at the location level under Manage > Client Notifications.

The Client Notifications section is found at the location level under Manage > Client Notifications.

Caller ID

When clients call your dedicated phone number Boulevard will open a Caller ID card making it easy to see important client details before answering the phone.

Clients must call the dedicated number for Caller ID to appear. Don’t forget to update your phone number on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and any other places you list your number.

For more information on incoming phone calls, see the Caller ID support article.

Message Settings

Settings for Messages can be found under Manage > Details > Messages. By default, we set up your booking line number to be forwarded to your business phone. We also enable caller ID and enable notifications in the dashboard for incoming text messages.

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