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Messages: Phone Number Set Up
Messages: Phone Number Set Up

Details on how to setup a phone number for Boulevard's Messages.

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With Boulevard’s Messages, your business can deliver a premium, interactive client communication experience through every step of the client appointment journey through:

The capabilities listed above require the setup of a dedicated phone number. This phone number is unique to your location and unlocks a premium, personal communication experience for your clients. Once set up, this is the phone number through which all text communications will be sent from your business. A dedicated phone number allows clients to reach your business directly, at any moment. It also allows your business to track and manage ongoing text conversations with your clients to build long-lasting loyalty while increasing trust and brand recognition.

Text Messaging Compliance and Regulations

Text messages sent through a dedicated phone number are subject to regulations set by the Campaign Registry (TCR), an independent reputation authority. Registration with TCR is now required for all application-to-person (A2P) text messaging traffic on 10-digit long code (10DLC) business phone numbers.

As part of your Boulevard account setup, we are required to register all business phone numbers with TCR to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Carriers will not accept or deliver messages sent from business phone numbers that aren't registered.

We start this process for new businesses as soon as your merchant application is submitted to Boulevard. There are several components that go into the approval process. To ensure you have a seamless and successful registration, see more information in this support article.

Setting up a dedicated phone number

To get started, you need to create a dedicated business phone number. A phone number can be set up from either the messages tab or from within the Client Notification settings.

To set up a dedicated business phone number, a user must have the Register phone number privilege and View messages privilege enabled. Businesses must have the business contact information filled out and completed in Settings. To confirm if your business has an existing business phone number, navigate to Manage Location > Details.

From the messages tab:

  1. Click Messages from the navigation menu to see a page explaining how Messages works. When you’re ready, click Set up phone number.

2. Input your location’s area code. This is the area code used to generate your

Messages phone number for your location. When done, click Submit.

NOTE: If you don’t want us to generate a Messages phone number for you, and you’d prefer to use your existing business phone number as your messaging and booking line, please contact support instead to set that up.

If you see an error message that no numbers are available in your desired area code, you can enter a different area code that’s applicable to your town/city.

3. Once you’ve entered your area code, and clicked Submit. A message is sent to

your inbox that your Messages phone number is being registered.

We alert you via the dashboard when your number is ready to use! Be sure to review Text Messaging Compliance and Regulations and the TCR checklist to ensure your business is compliant.

In the meantime, we’ve set some defaults for your Message settings, including call forwarding from your new booking line phone number to your business phone. You can edit these settings by selecting Manage > Details and scrolling to the Messages section.

Once your number is ready, a ‘1’ indicator on the Messages tab appears and you can start texting your clients by selecting Messages. Now you’re good to go!

NOTE: Boulevard can host landlines and VoIP numbers only.

From Client Notifications:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Client Notifications.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Enter the area code of your business location. Once you submit your area code, we will generate a phone number for your business and notify you when the setup is complete. If you have an existing business phone number you would like to use instead, please contact

  4. Click Create to complete.

A notification appears from the client notifications window that includes your issued phone number. Boulevard will send your business a text in messages when the phone number is ready to use. After you receive the text notification, you can send and receive text messages using Boulevard’s Messages.

Click here to learn more about Client Notifications.

Setting Up Multiple Locations

If you want to set up a custom booking line for multiple locations under your dashboard, simply access the dashboard for the other locations and select Messages, and follow the same steps above.

See more information on how to use Messages once it’s been set up here.

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