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TCR & Creating a Business Phone Number
TCR & Creating a Business Phone Number
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Boulevard's text messaging features allow you to stay connected with clients through two-way texting, text notifications, and more. These messages are subject to rules laid out by The Campaign Registry (TCR), an independent reputation authority. Registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR) is now required for all application-to-person (A2P) text messaging traffic on 10-digit long code (10DLC) business phone numbers.

As part of your Boulevard account setup, we are required to register all business phone numbers with TCR to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. Carriers will not accept or deliver messages sent from business phone numbers that aren't registered.


Companies like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have put rules in place to help businesses avoid issues like fines or messages not being delivered properly. These rules come from federal regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the FCC's regulations. TCR's goal is to vet and verify your business to ultimately protect end users from spam. Once registration is complete, you are considered a legitimate and verified sender by TCR. As a result, your business benefits from a more reliable and dependable messaging experience.

We start this process for new businesses as soon as your merchant application is submitted to Boulevard. There are several components that go into the approval process. To ensure you have a seamless and successful registration, we’ve added TCR's guidelines below:


Company Verification

Boulevard uses the business information you submit to us when filling out your merchant application. This information should be submitted exactly as it appears on your state business license.

  • Company Name

  • Address

  • Tax ID/EIN

  • Phone Number

  • Website address

Website Validation

Your company’s website needs to meet the TCR compliance regulations. Verify the following:

  • Your domain is updated and has not expired

  • Your website is complete with no ‘coming soon’ messaging

  • Your website domain is active, and secure, using HTTPS rather than HTTP

  • Your website does not include any broken links

  • You’ve included ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ information on your website

CBD, Cannabis, or Marijuana Content

TCR checks that there is no offering or mention of prohibited content such as CBD on your website. Verify the following:

  • Your website does not include any CBD, cannabis, or marijuana-related products and services

  • Your website does not include any links from your website to another site that mentions these disallowed products and services

Keep in mind, that these substances are illegal on a federal level. Part of your service agreement with Boulevard outlines these as restricted.

Opt-out language on your website

If you are collecting clients’ phone numbers anywhere on your website, you need to include approved consent language on the page where you are collecting client information. Verify the following:

  • You’ve included language that indicates your client consents to receive SMS communications from your business

  • You’ve included language that states how clients can opt out

    • Example of a compliant site:

  • You’ve included this language on all pages of your website where a client's phone number is collected.

Pending Registration

Once a location is ready to create a new phone number, if you have not been successfully registered, you see a banner in your Contact Center that reads: “Registration of your location's phone number [###-###-####] is in progress, and we will reach out to you if we need further info or action. Boulevard will let you know when you're all set and ready to start texting!”

We also populate a ‘text message’ in your Contact Center that reads: “Hi from BLVD! Mobile carriers require registration of your business phone number in order to send texts to clients. We're doing this on your behalf for [###-###-####], and we'll reach out to you if we need any additional info or action. We'll let you know when your number is ready to go and you can start texting!”

In the case where Boulevard needs additional information from your business, or if we need you to make any changes to your website to meet TCR requirements, Boulevard will reach out to you via the email address.

Successful Registration

Once you are successfully registered, Boulevard populates a text message in your Contact Center. The message reads: “Registration of [###-###-####] is complete. Happy texting!”

NOTE: This registration process can take several days or weeks.


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