Caller ID for Contact Center

Overview of Contact Center Caller ID features.

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Boulevard’s Contact Center includes Caller ID. Customers calling your assigned booking line open a Caller ID card making it easy to see important client details before answering the phone.

Caller ID Features

When your location receives an incoming call to your assigned booking line, a Caller ID card opens with important client information.

  • Upcoming or previous appointment information is displayed along with a Calendar button that brings you to that day and time.

  • For existing clients, you can click their names to view full client profile details.


  • Create new client profiles if the number is not associated with a client by clicking Create a new client to enter their contact information in order to book an appointment.

  • Businesses with multiple locations only see notifications for the location they’re currently viewing.

Updating Your Business’ Contact Information with your assigned Booking Line

Clients must call the assigned Incoming number for Caller ID to appear. Don’t forget to update your phone number on your website, Instagram, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and any other places you list your number.


Disabling Caller ID

If you have Boulevard’s Contact Center and do not wish to use Caller ID at your location, disable it in the Manage Location tab under Details.


Enabling Contact Center and Caller ID

Learn more about enabling contact center here.

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