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Marketing Suite: Edit an Email Template
Marketing Suite: Edit an Email Template

Details on how to edit an email a Marketing Suite email template.

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Boulevard’s Marketing campaigns have a built-in message and template editor which allows you to completely customize the content, look and feel of your marketing message to best fit your brand. The email message and template editor has several tools which allow you to edit the email in a variety of ways.

Boulevard provides a default template for each type of marketing campaign. After customizing the campaign settings, a default template is available. From here, you can make any changes including building your email template from scratch using HTML, to design the marketing email that best fits your business!

The message can be edited by clicking on any of the existing content blocks to edit them, or by adding or removing content.

NOTE: The icon header and the Boulevard footer can not be removed.


To help get you started in designing your custom email, Boulevard provides several templates for each marketing campaign. We have 4 suggested templates and 5 other templates that can be found under the “Other Templates” dropdown. Each template option is editable and can be entirely changed to fit your needs. To get started, choose any template from the template's component and click Select This Template to begin editing and designing your customized email.

Once a template is selected you can begin editing your email. If at any point you’d like to change templates, you can select the template's component and choose a new template.

When changing templates, your template is set to Current Email Template. To pick a new template, click the template you want to select and hit Select This Template.

If you choose to select a new template you lose all changes made to the current template. A pop-up message appears to ensure you are ok losing all changes made to the current template before moving to the new template.

NOTE: The Boulevard footer can not be removed.

Content Tools

On the right-hand side, you can add new elements using the Content or Blocks tab. The message editor offers the following content types:

Columns and Blocks

To start adding content, first, drag and drop a column or block into your message. Blocks and columns are best used for layout options for emails. This is the underlying format for the particular component you want to build. From here, you can add any Components into the columns/blocks by simply dragging and dropping them in.


Drag and drop the Button component to add clickable buttons to your message. These buttons accomplish:

  • Opening a link to your site

  • Sending an email

  • Calling a phone number

  • Sending SMS


Drag and drop the Divider component into your message to break up your content. You can adjust the Divider’s width, size, color, and alignment. You can also edit the Divider’s style in three ways:

  • Solid

  • Dotted

  • Dashed



Drag and drop the Heading component into a column or block on the email template editor to add a header. Once added, you can edit the Header on the right-hand side.



Want to get really creative with the email template? Drag and drop the HTML component to add your own custom HTML to your design.



Uploading an Image: Drag and drop an image or file into the upload section. You can also add an image URL or select the Upload Image button to search your computer for the file.

  • Drag and drop the Image component into your message to add a custom image or search for an image from the Image library.

  • Editing an Image: After uploading an image, you have several options to edit it.

  • Image Links: Once an image has been uploaded or selected, a link can be added to the image so clicking it opens a webpage.


Drag and drop the Menu component into your message to list several options side by side for the user to choose from. Each one of these can be a link that the user can choose from and is a great way to display multiple options for users.



Drag and drop the Text component into your message to add a text box. This allows you to edit the text or add Merge Tags.

  • Merge Tags allow you to dynamically insert text to personalize the message to the individual recipient. Boulevard currently offers the following Merge Tags:

    • Client First Name

    • Location Phone Number

    • Location Email Address

    • Business Name

    • Location Name


Drag and drop the Social component into your template and select the social profiles and populate your desired social links. You can customize the icons to match your chosen aesthetic. Adding social is a great practice when sending marketing emails you send your clients to drive engagement and expand brand reach.

Action Bar

While editing, you have the option to undo, redo, preview, view in desktop, or view in mobile to make editing easier. You can select any of these options from the Action Bar in the bottom left-hand corner of the message editor.


Send Bar

At the very bottom of the message editor screen, you can review the Sender, Reply-to, and Subject Line. The Subject line is editable and supports up to 160 characters including Emojis.

In addition, you can send a test message to your email address by selecting Send Test Message. This sends you a sample message of what your clients receive including sample Merge Tags and allows you to review the messaging before launching your campaign.


Once you’ve completed editing your message you can select Save changes to move on to the final stage of campaign setup.

Check out Marketing: Launch & Manage Campaigns for the next steps.

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