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Marketing Suite: Launch & Manage Campaigns
Marketing Suite: Launch & Manage Campaigns

Details on how to launch and manage Marketing Suite campaigns.

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Launch Automated Campaign

Once you’ve finalized the campaign settings and made any edits to the email template, you can activate your campaign by clicking the Launch Campaign button.

Once live, your campaign evaluates who should receive emails daily based on the conditions set. If all conditions are met, Boulevard sends emails to clients at 9 AM local time.


Launch One-Time Blast

Once you’ve finalized your One-Time Blast settings, and audience, and have built your email template, you can choose to schedule your email blast on a specific day, or you can opt to send your email blast right away.

On the “Launch Campaign” step, you default to the “Send it Later” option where you can choose a day for your send. All One-Time Blast emails are sent at 9 AM UTC on the day you select.

If you’d like to send your One-Time Blast immediately, you can click on the “Send it Now” tab. You want to be sure that your One-Time Blast is ready to send, as once you confirm you want to send it now, you won’t be able to edit, pause or stop once sending begins.

NOTE: Campaigns cannot be resent or duplicated.

Anti-Spamming Restrictions

  • Clients do not receive a Marketing Email if:

    • They have received a Marketing Email in the past 7 days from any other campaign.

      • NOTE: This restriction does not apply to the Birthday message campaign.

    • They have unsubscribed from the business’ Marketing Emails.

    • They have an upcoming appointment.

    • They have not had an appointment in over a year.

  • Clients do not receive a Marketing Email from any other locations besides their Primary Location.

    • If a client frequents Location A and has never visited Location B, they only qualify for Marketing Emails from Location A.

    • If a client frequents Location A, and visits Location B once, they only qualify for Marketing Emails from Location A.

    • If a client frequents Location A but later begins to frequent Location B, they only qualify for marketing emails from Location B.

One-Time Blast Campaign Status and Menu Options

In the list of One-Time Blast campaigns, each shows an indicator for the status of the mailing.

  • Scheduled campaigns show a yellow clock icon - this means the campaign is “scheduled”

  • Completed campaigns show a green dot - this indicates that the campaign has completed sending.

    • Completed campaigns cannot be relaunched or edited; however, if you click on the campaign name, you can see a preview of the email that was sent

  • Paused campaigns show a 'pause icon' - these campaigns can be edited and launched by selecting “Launch Campaign” or “Edit Settings” from the 3 dot menu, or by clicking on the campaign name.

  • Draft campaigns show a grey dot - these campaigns can be edited by selecting either 'Edit settings' or 'Customize email' from the three-dot menu, or by clicking on the campaign name.

Marketing Summary

Once your campaign is set up, you can review the details and performance from the Marketing Dashboard. From here, you can also edit campaigns, start and stop campaigns, and view a summary of key metrics, including emails sent, total bookings, and total sales.

Automated Campaign Menu Options

Review your campaigns by selecting the campaign name, or clicking the three-dot menu to take any of the following actions:

  • Edit Settings

  • Preview Email

  • Pause Campaign

  • The Edit Settings option takes you back to edit the campaign to change when it should be sent (if your privileges allow for editing).

  • Preview Email takes you back to the Email message template editor to make any changes to the design or content of the email.

  • Pause Campaign immediately stops sending emails until you’d like to restart your campaign. You can also pause a campaign from the menu dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the Edit Settings or Preview Email pages.

  • To restart the campaign, simply select Launch Campaign from the same menu. Emails start sending again at 9 AM local time once the settings for the campaign are met.

Check out Marketing: Reporting & Attribution to understand campaign performance.

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