Boulevard's Marketing is currently in Beta.

Once a campaign is live, you’ll be able to see how that campaign is performing in the Marketing Summary, as well as by using the Marketing Campaign Beta Report!

Marketing Summary

The Marketing Summary will show an overview of performance for all campaigns as a whole, including both your Automated Campaigns and your One-Time Blasts. This dashboard summary includes:

  • Total Emails Sent

  • Total Booked Appointments and associated cost

    • Appointments:

      • Bookings capture both upcoming and completed appointments

      • All bookings made within 7 days of receiving a marketing email will be attributed, regardless of how they're made (from the email button, self-booking widget, or call to book)

  • Total Sales associated with completed appointments

The Marketing Summary dashboard also includes a more detailed representation of each previously run, and currently running campaign. These are split into Automated Campaigns and One-Time Blasts. From here, you can also quickly navigate to edit campaign settings and start or stop campaigns.

Marketing Report

To set up Customizable Marketing Reporting, select the Add A Report button under the Reports --> Beta Reports tab and search for ‘Marketing’. There are two types of default Marketing reports.


Marketing Campaign Performance

To see in-depth metrics on Campaign Performance by Location, Date, or Client you can use the Marketing Campaign Performance Report to view performance for all messages sent.


Marketing Generated Appointments

To see which clients booked appointments after receiving marketing messages you can use the Marketing Generated Appointments Report to view the Generated Appointments by Client, Campaign, and Location.


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