Boulevard's Marketing is currently in Beta.

Launch Automated Campaign

Once you’ve finalized campaign settings and made any edits to the email template, you can activate your campaign by clicking the Launch button.

Once live, your campaign will evaluate who should receive emails daily based on the conditions set. If all conditions are met, Boulevard will send emails to clients at 9am local time.


Launch One-Time Blast

Once you’ve finalized your One-Time Blast settings, audience, and have built your email template, you can schedule your email blast to send on the day of your choosing. Please note that all One-Time Blast emails will be sent at 9am on the day you select.

Anti-Spamming Restrictions

  • Clients will not receive a Marketing Email if:

    • They have received a Marketing Email in the past 7 days from any other campaign

      • NOTE: This restriction does not apply to the Birthday message campaign.

      • The 7-day rule only applies to automated campaigns to not overlap each other. We also have a 7-day rule for OTB, but it’s for the same campaign, for example, if a customer unpauses an already sent OTB campaign and schedule to run again before a 7 days interval, we will not send that campaign to customers who already received that same communication.

    • They have unsubscribed from the business’ Marketing Emails.

    • They have an upcoming appointment.

    • They have not had an appointment in over a year.

  • Clients will not receive a Marketing Email from any other locations besides their Primary Location.

    • If a client frequents Location A, and has never visited Location B, they will only qualify for Marketing Emails from Location A

    • If a client frequents Location A, and visits Location B once, they will only qualify for Marketing Emails from Location A

    • If a client frequents Location A but later begins to frequent Location B, they will only qualify for marketing emails from Location B

Marketing Summary

Once your campaign is set up, you can review the details and performance from the Marketing Dashboard. From here, you can also edit campaigns, start and stop campaigns, and view a summary of key metrics, including emails sent, total bookings, and total sales.

Campaign Menu Dropdown

Review your campaign by selecting the campaign name, or clicking the menu dropdown to take any of the following actions:

  • Edit Settings

  • Preview Email

  • Pause Campaign

  • The Edit Settings option will take you back to edit the campaign to change when it should be sent (if your privileges allow for editing).

  • Preview Email will take you back to the Email message template editor to make any changes to the design or content of the email.

  • Pause Campaign will immediately stop sending emails until you’d like to restart your campaign. You can also pause a campaign from the menu dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the Edit Settings or Preview Email pages.

  • To restart the campaign, simply select Start Campaign from the same menu dropdown. Emails will start sending again at 9am local time once the settings for the campaign are met.

    Check out Marketing Beta: Reporting & Attribution to understand campaign performance.

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