Marketing FAQ (One-Time Blasts)

Common questions and answers for Marketing Suite One-Time Blasts.

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Q: Is the Marketing Suite available on all plan types?

  • Yes, the Marketing Tab displays all plan types

Q: Who has access to create/edit Marketing Suite email campaigns?

  • Campaign creation/editing access can be managed from within the General Settings in Boulevard, in the Privilege Groups settings. Here, you can specify which team members/privilege groups can have access to create and edit email campaigns within your Marketing Suite.

    Only users who have at least one Marketing Privilege set to Enabled are able to see and access the Marketing tab. To access, navigate to the Privilege Groups section of your Manage Business settings. Enable the privileges under the “Marketing” section.

Q: Who will see the Marketing tab?

  • Only users who have at least one Marketing Privilege set to Enabled will be able to see and access the Marketing tab. To access, navigate to the Privilege Groups section of your Manage Business settings. Enable the privileges under the “Marketing” section.

Q: How do email campaign audiences work if it’s your first time using Marketing Suite?

  • Your eligible audience is based on recent appointments and product purchase history. If you’re new to Boulevard and did not migrate appointment or product history this does impact your eligible audience. If you have questions, reach out to

The Basics

Q: What is a One-Time Blast?

  • A One-Time Blast email campaign is one that you have full control over in terms of setup, audience targeting, messaging, cadence, and custom branding. This is a great option for those wanting to build their own email for an occasion or purpose outside of what’s offered in our automated campaigns. One-Time Blasts are an effective tool for ad-hoc, one-time email sends for things like newsletters, announcements, promos, closures, events, and more!

Q: Can I create my own target audience for a One-Time Blast? How do I create a Saved Audience?

  • Yes. One-Time Blasts are build-it-yourself. You are in control of who receives the email blast, and you can create your own target audience from within the Clients tab. Simply use the filters to build your desired client audience segment, and save it to your Saved Audiences. Then, when you are in the One-Time Blast campaign builder within the Marketing Suite, you see your Saved Audiences appear as options for you to select from. More information on how to create audiences can be found here.

Q: Can I select multiple Saved Audiences to target in my One-Time Blast campaign?

  • No, at this time you can only select one Saved Audience at a time within your One-Time Blast campaign.

Q: Can I import my own .csv file for an email send target audience?

  • No, not at this time.

Q: Can I control when a One-Time Blast is scheduled to send?

  • Yes. When you are building your One-Time Blast campaign in the Marketing Suite, you are able to specify the day on which you would like the email blast to be sent to the audience you selected.

  • You can also choose to send your One-Time Blast immediately by choosing “Send it now”. You need to confirm you want to send your One-Time Blast right away, as once your email begins to send, it cannot be paused, edited, or stopped.

    When scheduling your email on a specific day, All One-Time Blast campaigns are sent at 9 AM UTC on that day.

Q: If a client has already received an automated email campaign message, will they still get my One-Time Blast?

  • Yes. One-Time Blasts are sent to the exact client audience segment that you build and select, even if the clients in that list have already received another email via an automated campaign. This is to ascertain that your clients do not miss a potentially important communication through your One-Time Blast, for example – an emergency notice of closure or another critical business announcement.

Q: Can you embed videos in a one-time blast campaign?

  • Yes, you can embed an image with the video thumbnail and link that image to a page that plays the video (e.g. youtube, Instagram, etc.).

Pricing - One-Time Blasts

Q: How are One-Time Blasts priced?

  • 1 cent = 1 email sent.
    This means if you have built a target audience of 100 clients for your one-time blast, you will spend $1.00 for this campaign, as it will consist of 100 individual emails sent to 100 clients.

    Each location gets 500 free emails per location per month! So, your first 500 emails sent per month are on us - for no charge. After that 500/location/month limit is reached, you are charged 1 cent per each additional email sent.

Q: Can I prepay for One-Time Blast costs?

  • No, One-Time Blasts are Usage-Based, so you are charged based on how many One-Time Blasts emails you send within a billing period.

Marketing Suite Reporting

Q: What reporting is available to me to understand the effectiveness of campaigns run through Marketing Suite?

  • There are three places wherein you can view the results of your Marketing Suite campaigns.

    1. The Summary page / Marketing Suite dashboard within your Marketing Suite (the Marketing Tab)

      1. The automated campaign tab view displays a high-level overview (in the metrics cards along the top) as well as a drill-down of each campaign in the table down below. In the top right, you can filter by date range. The metrics cards contain the following information:

        • Total emails Sent

        • Total Booked Appointments - total count of both scheduled appts from automated campaigns.

        • Projected Sales - Projected sales from booked appointments.

        • Completed Sales- calculated based on the appointment being completed and the order closed.

        • Completed Appointments - Appointments that were actually completed.

      2. The One-Time Blast tab view displays high-level metrics (listed below) as well as individual campaign drill-downs.

        • Total emails sent

        • Total emails delivered

        • Total clicks

        • Total unsubscribes

    2. The Beta Reporting Tab within the main Boulevard dashboard.

      1. Marketing Campaign Performance- can customize to measure by Campaign, Location, Client, and Sent Date. Columns show 14 options; Use a Filter to view the individual campaign. This dissects the “performance” of the campaign.

      2. Marketing Generated Appointments- To see which clients booked appointments after receiving marketing messages you can use the Marketing Generated Appointments Report to view the Generated Appointments - both booked and completed, within a specific date range - by Client, Campaign, and Location. Data shown in the report is based on when an action was taken - choosing a date range displays any appointments booked during that time period or any appointments completed during that time period.

Q: Why does One-Time Blast show as “Other” in Beta Reports?

  • Because beta reports pull from data that is processed differently and doesn’t have direct knowledge of the manual type. Our team is working on adjusting this in the future but currently, "Other" refers to OTB.

Unsubscribe Info

Q: Is it required to keep the unsubscribe link in the footer of every email?

  • Yes. Legally, clients must be given the option to unsubscribe from email communications, so this cannot be removed from the footer.

Q: What if a client unsubscribes, but didn't mean to? Is there a way to re-subscribe?

  • The ability to resubscribe does not currently exist through the dashboard, but if you have a client that you need to be resubscribed please reach out to Support via Help Chat or by emailing They need the client information (name, email address), and our Engineering team is able to get them resubscribed.

Q: Do Blocked Clients get email campaigns?

  • Blocked Clients are removed/filtered out from all Marketing Suite campaigns, both Automated and One-Time Blast.

NOTE: Disabling transactional emails will disable all emails, including marketing suite OTB campaigns.

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