May 2020 Updates
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Analyze Performance With Powerful Reporting

You define success for your business - you should be able to define how you measure it, too. Boulevard's new Beta Reports let you customize templates and keep everything organized so you can turn powerful data into actionable insights. Scalable success just got a whole lot easier.

  • Customize Templates - Build unique reports using predefined templates that provide the performance data you need.

  • Filter & Sort - Include or exclude specific data, or sort a report to make everything easier to understand.

  • Drill Down Data - Dive deeper into the numbers with granular drill-downs to understand how results are happening.

  • Organize With Folders - Save your reports by categories that make sense for your business, like by location, role, or personnel.

  • Export & Email - Download your data to analyze later, or share a report via email for specific team members to review.

Boulevard's classic Reports are still available but eventually will be removed once all data is accessible within the new Beta Reports.

Learn more about new Beta Reports.

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