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Customizing Beta Reports
Customizing Beta Reports

Overview of customization features available for Boulevard's beta reports.

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Compared to Classic Reports, Beta Reports allow for customization and data grouping based on what you need for your business.

Beta Report Dashboard

The homepage includes a list of existing reports. The report dashboard includes:

  1. Report Name

  2. Description: a preset description based on the template selected; each template can be customized

  3. Folder: the folder the report is categorized within if assigned

  4. Created By: designates who created the report

  5. Shared: which users the report has been shared with

  6. Updated At: the date when the report was last updated


To designate a report as a favorite and add it to the favorites folder, click the star icon next to the report name.


If you are new to using Beta Reports, please use the following instructions to access the feature:

  1. Log into your Boulevard dashboard.

  2. From the Front Desk screen, click Reports.

  3. From Reports, select Beta Reports (if is not already open).

  4. To create a new report, click Add Report + (for example, Detailed Line Item).

With this report template, we now have the ability to customize the columns and report on the data using any measure from the list.

Customization Features

Boulevard's built-in reporting helps you track your progress and align on goals with our built-in reporting. Customizable templates give you complete control, so you can see where you can improve and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.


The customize feature is how you want to see your report. Within Customize there are 3 different groupings for how you want to see your data.

  • Report Data: Measure by which your rows are organized

  • Rows Grouped By: grouping which allows you to further breakdown your Report Data measure

  • And Then Grouped By: additional row grouping option


Columns include the data you want to see in your report and Filters help you narrow down specific metrics. Column selections may change depending on which report data is selected.

Example: Using the Daily Summary Report, we can break down performance by location, sale data, and hour of day. This provides a detailed view of each location’s daily performance broken down to the day of the week and each hour.


Filters are intended to help you narrow down the data or metrics you are looking to view. For example, when using the Daily Summary report you can add a filter based on service category, service name, etc.

Be sure to select Save Changes when applying any customizations or filters to your beta report. Not saving changes reverts the report back to its original state.

NOTE: When applying multiple filters, the resulting data must fit the conditions of all filters applied.

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