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Beta Reports: Column Grouping
Beta Reports: Column Grouping

Details on the removal of beta report column grouping.

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Boulevard is working on some big changes that allow us to deliver reports faster, reduce export times, and improve readability. As part of this change, we’ve removed the ability to group by column in beta reports. Instead, you can nest a third dimension within rows using the “And Then Grouped By” field within the “Customize Report” menu.

NOTE: This screenshot shows an old report based on Detailed Line Item where you can group a third dimension by column.

NOTE: This screenshot shows a new report based on Detailed Line Item where three dimensions are nested by row.

This change initially affects the Detailed Line Item beta report along with any reports that you’ve created using Detailed Line Item as a template. In the coming weeks, we are migrating all other beta reports to leverage additional grouping by rows.

How to Use Third-Level Row Grouping (And Then Grouped By)

Grouping data by row makes beta reports easier to pivot in Excel or Google Sheets when exported. To use the “And Then Grouped By” customization field, find the “Customize Report” menu in any report within Reports > Beta Reports.

Q: How will this affect my report exports?

We do not expect this to affect report exports for the vast majority of customers. For the few customers who process certain reports through third-party solutions, we have proactively reached out to let you know about this change so we can work with you on any necessary resolutions.

Q: Still need some help?

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