Mobile Staff Performance

Overview of staff performance metrics visible in the Professional App.

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What is Mobile Staff Performance?

Mobile Staff Performance gives professionals a snapshot of how they’re performing. Professionals have the option to view the performance from yesterday, this week, this month, or this year.

Mobile Staff Performance currently refreshes on the same timeframe as in-dashboard beta reports.


Who can access this report?

Admins can apply privilege settings to give professionals access to their performance stats. Within the Manage Business tab, navigate to Privilege Group, and under Staff, toggle on Mobile App Reports for the appropriate privilege group.

Glossary of Terms


  • Prebooked: Future appointment that is scheduled during the same calendar day of a client's service. The prebook % metric is updated in 15-minute increments or less.

  • Total Appointments: Number of completed appointments.


  • Products: Total transactions across products sold.

  • Total Sales: Combined transactions processed across services and products.


  • Total Clients: Total number of clients serviced.


  • Utilization: Hours booked divided by scheduled business hours minus business blocked time.

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