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Sales Breakdown Report

Overview of Boulevard's Sales Breakdown classic report.

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The Sales Breakdown Report is organized by staff name and lists advanced details for appointments during the selected date range.

TIP: Due to a large amount of data, you may need to scroll right to see all columns. Each column in this report is individually sortable and includes:

  • Name

  • Role - Staff Role

  • Hours Scheduled - Hours published on the Schedule

  • Client Count - Number of clients seen

  • Appointment Count - Number of appointments

  • Prebooked % - Percent of clients who pre-booked a future appointment

  • Service Count - Number of services performed

  • Service Revenue

  • Avg. Ticket - Average ticket total for services only

  • Product Unit Count - Number of products sold

  • Product Revenue

  • Product Tax

  • Tip Revenue

  • Business Charges - Total applicable business charges

  • Average Order Value - Average ticket total for services and products

Example Sales Breakdown Report

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