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Voiding Orders

Steps on how to void an order.

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Boulevard offers the ability to void an order within the same business day that a mistake has been made, and then create a new replacement order in its place.

Voiding an Order

  1. When a mistake is made, you are able to void an order within the same business day. Navigate to the Sales tab and select the order you’d like to void. Click the Closed order status and choose Void Order.


  2. Confirm that you want to void the entire order by reading the “Proceed with Caution” note.


  3. Add a Void Explanation. Create a Replacement Order is automatically checked, but you can uncheck this if you do not wish to process a new order to fix a mistake.


  4. Click Confirm Void. This cannot be undone. A new replacement order is automatically created so you can close out the ticket like you normally would fix any mistake.


  5. The voided order has a Voided status icon and the replacement order says Closed.


  6. Within each order, there are shortcuts to View Original Order or View the Replacement Order.

    Replacement Order:


    Voided Order:


Things to Note

  • You can only void orders within the same business day (11:59 PM cut off of the business location’s time zone)

  • You can still void a refunded order and create a replacement, as long as the original refund was processed to the same payment method it was paid with and not to a new gift card or account balance

  • Reports and Register includes any voided orders

  • Privilege Groups allow certain staff members to process voids

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