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Client payments and refunds appear on the individual order. Orders can be located through the checkout window, through the Sales tab, or from the client's history.


Filtering Orders

If the order you wish to see is not in the immediate list, you can filter the order using the options on the right.


Viewing Payments

Single-click on a CLOSED order to open up the order details. Payments made by the client are listed to the right, under Payments. The method of payment, along with date and time the charge was made, and the user who processed the payment, will be shown.

Example Below: The client paid $60 in cash, and $100 on the VISA credit card ending in 8248.


Understanding Payments

The Payments section on a closed order shows the settled totals for each payment method. The amount to the immediate right of the credit card is the dollar amount that will settle on the customer's credit card statement after any refunds have been issued.

Example Below: The client's credit card was charged $175 but then a $75 refund was issued. After the refund is credited to the client's account in 5-10 business days, the total settled amount that the client will have paid on the credit card ending in 4242 will be $100.

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