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Verifying Refunds

How verify refunds and details for orders.

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After a refund has been correctly issued (see Issuing Refunds), the refund details can be seen in the individual order. The order can be located through the checkout window, through the Sales tab, or from the client's history.

NOTE: Banks are quick to take the money and slow to give it back. Refunds take 5-10 business days to credit to a customer's bank or credit card statement.

Verifying Refunds

  1. Use one of several options (see Orders and Closeout) to locate the order.

  2. Refund details are noted in blue with the refunded amount in green.


  3. Clicking any refunds indicated in blue opens a closed refund order page with the refunded amount in green.


  4. For proof of refund, select either Print Receipt or Email Receipt.

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