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Appointment Metrics Report
Appointment Metrics Report

Overview of the Appointment Metrics report which includes hours scheduled, hours booked, and more!

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The Appointment Metrics report is filterable by referral source and client visit status, and details by the individual service provider:

  • Hours Scheduled - published work hours

  • Hours Booked - hours spent on booked appointments

  • Percent Booked - hours booked divided by hours scheduled

  • Appointment Count - number of appointments

  • Staff Request - appointments that were marked as requested

  • Self-booked - appointments that were booked online by clients

  • Day-of Booked - appointments booked and performed on the same day

  • New Clients - clients new to the business

  • New Clients (Requested) - new clients that requested the service provider

  • New Clients (Non-Requested) - new clients that did not request the service provider


Example Appointment Metrics Report

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