Refund FAQs
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How long does it take for a refund to be credited to a client's bank account or credit card?

Refunds take 5-10 business days to fully credit to a client's account.

How can I see if a refund was given to a particular client?

In the closed order, any refunds will be listed in the "Payments" section. See Verifying Refunds for more information.

I checked out an appointment using the wrong payment method. What do I do?

First, fully refund the incorrect payment method, then check out the appointment again using the correct payment method.

Example: An order was marked as paid in cash, but it was supposed to be changed to the client's credit card. First, fully refund the cash paid, then in the checkout window, choose "card" as the payment method and complete the order.

Can I refund a credit card that is different from the card that was charged?

Refunds can only be credited to the same credit card that was initially charged.

Can I Bulk Refund?

Refunds cannot be done in bulk, they have to be done on an individual basis.

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