Appointment Status Icons

Overview of appointment status icons and how to add appointment color tags.

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Status Icons

Status icons appear in the top right of the individual appointment window. Please reference the key below for the meaning of each icon.


The client has confirmed their appointment


The client has been marked as 'Arrived'


The client has paid and their appointment is finalized


The client has been marked as a late cancellation or no-show


The client is a new customer or first time at the location


The client has requested the specific staff member


The client has included a message about their appointment from the
online booking widget


The appointment has an internal memo left by staff

Color Tags

Color tags are optional quick ways to label an appointment. They have limitless uses such as showing which staff member created the appointment, VIP customers, successful product up-sells, action needed, etc.

Adding a Color Tag

  1. Click on the appointment.

  2. Click the down arrow at the top right of the window.

  3. Select the color and a colored dot automatically appears on the appointment.

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