Product Returns and Exchanges

How to process product returns and exchanges.

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Product Return Process

To fully refund a returned product, you need to refund the full charge for the original product.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include sales tax when entering the dollar amount to refund.

  1. Locate the order to refund.

  2. In the Payments section, click Start Refund under the payment method to credit.

  3. Click the box next to the line items you wish to refund.

  4. Select the refund type from the dropdown menu or enter the refund amount.

  5. If the commission was enabled, select “clawback” to claim the issued staff earnings or “covered by business” if you wish to still pay the staff member their commission earnings based on the sale.

  6. If you’re refunding a retail item, select whether or not you wish to restock the product in inventory.

  7. Select the refund method, either the original form of payment or the gift card, and click refund.

  8. Select a reason for the refund and click finalize the refund.

10. Once finalized, you can print or email the receipt and view the finalized order with

the refund.

Product Exchanges

To exchange a product, first follow the steps above to refund the charge for the original product(s). After the refund, create a new sale for the exchanged product and complete the charge for that new product along with the other services and gratuity.

It's also a good idea to write in the order notes what product they brought in to return, why they are exchanging it, and what product they exchanged it for.

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