Product Categories

How to create and manage product categories.

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Every product should be assigned to a specific category. Assigning products to categories helps keep your business organized when creating reports or purchase orders.

Creating Product Categories

  1. Navigate to Manage Business.

  2. Click Product Categories.

  3. Click Create Category.

  4. Enter the product category title.

  5. Select “Products in this category are commissionable” if you wish to pay a commission for the sale of the product category.

  6. Select “Products in this category are retail” if you wish to sell the products as retail items. Retail products are able to be sold during checkout. Products not marked as retail do not show during checkout.

  7. Click create category when complete.

NOTE: If the products in the category are professional products used during a service, unselect the retail box. This categorizes the products as “Professional” products.

Check out Adding New Products for support with creating new products in the dashboard.

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