Rescheduling Appointments
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Boulevard offers several ways to reschedule an appointment, depending on what is being changed and how far away the appointment is being moved.

Anytime an appointment is rescheduled, the change is recorded in the "Appointment Updates" section of the Appointment Details including who rescheduled the appointment and when.


OPTION 1: Click-and-Drag

Use this option when moving an appointment to a new position that currently appears within your same calendar view.

  1. Click and hold on the appointment you wish to move, then drag the appointment to the desired new time slot

  2. A prompt will automatically appear, showing you a review of the proposed changes

  3. Select if you want the client to be notified of the change

  4. Click Reschedule to confirm the changes and move the appointment


OPTION 2: Select-and-Place

Use this option when moving an appointment to a position on the calendar that is not in your current calendar view.

  1. Single-click the desired appointment once

  2. Click the reschedule icon on the bottom left

  3. Now with the appointment surrounded by hash lines, scroll through the future schedule and click to place that appointment in the new time slot

  4. Click Done

  5. Choose who you would like to be notified

  6. Click Reschedule


OPTION 3: Modify the Specific Appointment Details

Use this option when moving an appointment to a position that is 2-weeks or further into the future.

  1. Double-click on the appointment that you'd like to move

  2. In the Update Appointment window, select the date on the left to then scroll and select the new desired appointment date

  3. Click the Update Appointment button on the bottom left to submit the change

You can confirm the change by using the date-picker to scroll to the new appointment date where you will see the newly-placed appointment.


Rescheduling Multi-Service Appointments

When an appointment being moved contains more than one service, Boulevard will prompt you to move each individual service within that appointment. Because they were originally grouped together, all services must fall on the same day after the reschedule.

  1. Click and drag the first (earliest) service in the appointment that you wish to change

  2. Each service will appear at the top of your screen with hash marks around them that indicate the service is selected to be moved

  3. Click on the calendar to select the desired new date

  4. Repeat the same step(s) for the other service(s), making sure that grouped services fall on the same day

  5. Click Done when all services are positioned correctly

  6. Select if you want the client to receive a confirmation of the changes

  7. Click Reschedule to finalize the change

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