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Loyalty Program App: Earning Points, Redeeming Points & Reporting
Loyalty Program App: Earning Points, Redeeming Points & Reporting
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Boulevard’s Loyalty Program app allows you to increase client retention by rewarding them for different purchases. See below for details on earning and redeeming points in checkout as well as reporting.

For more info on installing and managing your loyalty program, read Loyalty Program App: Setup & Manage.

Essentials Customers: To utilize the Loyalty Program app reach out to to upgrade your subscription today.

Earning Points in Checkout

Points are automatically earned during checkout for qualifying purchases and tracked within each client’s profile.

  1. Check out a client as you normally would.

  2. In the order completion view, the point balance is updated to reflect what was earned.

    Ex. Margaret had 0 loyalty points before checking out. After checking out for a service and two products, Margaret’s loyalty points balance was updated to 885 points.

  3. The total earned points are reflected in the client profile’s Loyalty Points History along with the exact services/products that made up that order.


    NOTE: Earned points are calculated based on the rounded-down whole dollar amount of each qualifying purchase. For example, if the program is configured as 5 points per $1 spent, then a product purchase of $30.75 (pre-tax) results in 150 points earned.

Redeeming Points in Checkout

  1. When checking out a client, you’ll see the new Apps section. Their current points balance is displayed in blue under the Loyalty Program.

  2. Clicking the points balance opens up a new screen that shows their current balance, the total dollar value they can redeem using their points, as well as the services and products in the cart for which points can be redeemed.

  3. Click the Redeem button to apply loyalty points to the item(s).

  4. Click Submit.

  5. The discount amount is automatically applied to the line item you chose.

    NOTE: During redemption, each dollar equivalent is deducted in full. For example, if the program is configured where 100 points equals $1, then a qualifying purchase of $15.25 results in 1,600 points deducted from a client’s balance.

  6. You see the discount applied in the Closed Order as well as the redeemed points in the client profile’s Loyalty Points History.





All reporting for your loyalty program can be found in the Summary section of the Configure screen. Any sales data in your Beta Reports will reflect when loyalty points were redeemed with a “Loyalty Program” discount reason.

  1. Navigate to your Manage Business settings, select the Apps tab, and click the Configure button next to the Loyalty Program app.

  2. The Summary section shows key stats about your Activity and Liability across all clients.

  3. Change the date range to customize the time frame of your data.


  4. For a full breakdown of each client and transaction, you can download both reports as a CSV or Excel document.

Things to Note

  • Loyalty points can be applied in Group Checkout as well, where only the payer can earn or redeem points for all services and products on the order.

  • Clients cannot redeem points on online product purchases but do earn points. Points can only be redeemed at checkout via Dashboard.

  • Points are not returned to clients when a refund is processed. Their point balance can be adjusted in the client’s profile (see more about managing points here.)

  • Loyalty points are considered a discount in BLVD, and commissions are always based on the net sale (post-discount).

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