Boulevard’s Loyalty Program app allows you to increase client retention by rewarding them for different purchases. See below for details on how you can customize your loyalty program by enabling products and services to earn points and defining how points can be redeemed.

For more info on earning and redeeming points in checkout as well as reporting, read Loyalty Program App: Earning Points, Redeeming Points & Reporting.

*Essentials Customers: To utilize the Loyalty Program app reach out to support@blvd.co to upgrade your subscription today.

Installing & Configuring your Loyalty Program App

  1. Under your Manage Business settings, select the Apps tab to Install the Loyalty Program app and configure your settings.




  2. Enter the Earning Points settings by deciding the number of loyalty points earned for each dollar spent on both services and products.


    Ex. For every $1 spent on services or products, a client earns 5 points—which
    equals to 5% in points value. If your business averages $100 in service value,
    then a client would earn 500 points per visit.

  3. Enter the Redeeming Points by deciding the number of points you would like to make equivalent to a $1.00 discount that can be redeemed on products or services.


    Ex. For every 100 points earned, a client can redeem $1 on a future purchase. If
    a client accumulates 500 points total, that would be equivalent to a $5
    redemption amount.

  4. Click Launch when you are finished setting up your Loyalty Program.

  5. Click Configure next to the Loyalty Program app to edit these settings at any time.


    *Note: The following items are not eligible to earn or redeem points: gift cards, gratuity, account credit, and taxes.

Enrolling a Client in Your Loyalty Program

From the Client Profile:

  1. Navigate to the client’s profile for whom you’d like to start rewarding with loyalty points. Select the new Loyalty Program tab and click the Enroll button.


From Checkout:

  1. When checking out a client who isn’t already enrolled in your loyalty program, you’ll see a new Apps section with a button to Enroll. Clicking Enroll will then show their current point balance. They’ll have zero points when first enrolling.


Managing Loyalty Programs for each Client

Checking Loyalty Points Status

  1. Navigate to a client’s profile and select the new Loyalty Program tab. If they’re not currently enrolled yet, see “Enrolling a Client in Your Loyalty Program” above.


  2. The "Summary" will display their Current balance, Total points earned since they’ve joined, Total points redeemed, and the date they last redeemed points.

  3. The "Loyalty Points History" will show a record of each transaction (service or product) in which they earned points as well as each time they’ve redeemed their points. Clicking the arrow will expand the transaction and show the individual services and products that make up that order.


Updating Loyalty Points

Points can be manually added or removed from a client’s loyalty points balance for any reason such as a refund, staff error, or client referral.

  1. To add or remove loyalty points from a client’s balance, click Update points under their Current balance.

  2. To add points, enter the number of points you’d like to add to their current balance. To remove points, enter the points you’d like to remove using a negative symbol (ex. -10 points). Enter a reason and click Update.


  3. This update will be displayed in the Loyalty Points History section with the date, reason, and staff member who made the update.


    *Note: Users assigned to a Privilege Group that has the “Location Manager” privilege enabled will be allowed to update points for specific clients.

Things to Note

  • Clients will not be able to view their loyalty points.

  • Commission will be calculated based on the discounted amount after loyalty points are applied.

  • Clients will earn points on product purchases (including monthly membership charges) and service purchases.

  • The Loyalty Program app is controlled by the business, so all locations must participate. This is so that clients can earn and redeem points at any location for a better client experience.

  • Can I enroll all of my clients into the loyalty program at once?
    Clients must be enrolled on an individual basis in order to customize which clients receive this special perk.

  • How do I deactivate my loyalty program?
    Loyalty programs can be deactivated by uninstalling the app within the app’s settings. Navigate to your Manage Business settings, select the Apps tab and click the Configure button next to the Loyalty Program app. Under the Settings section, click the three dots and click Uninstall app.


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