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Overview of Boulevard's Developer Support Portal for Enterprise customers.

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Boulevards Development Support Portal is for Enterprise customers. If you have a question about your license or upgrading, please reach out to your CSM or Help Chat for assistance!

If you utilize Boulevard's APIs for your business, you can request assistance from our Developer team directly by submitting a ticket through our Developer Support Portal.

If this is your first time visiting the portal, you will need to create an account. This is an account specific to the support portal that will allow you to interact with and check on the status of your tickets -

When you enter your email you are sent a secure link to create a password.

Once you successfully create your account you are taken to the main area which lists the types of requests you can submit.

Once you choose a type you are taken to a form where you can fill out and submit any relevant information around your request.

When you submit the completed request, it is sent to our Developer Support team queue for review. You will be contacted in response to your request and you are able to communicate directly with the developer assigned to your ticket either through the email you receive as well as log into the portal and view any submitted requests.

If you need any assistance with this form please reach out to our Developer Support team via email at dev-support@blvd.co!

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