Connect Custom and Public Apps to Boulevard

Overview of how to connect custom and public apps to Boulevard.

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Enterprise and Premier customers can now add more apps to Boulevard right from the Apps & Integrations page of the Manage Business settings.

Public vs. Custom Apps

A public app is an application that any member of the public can use. Sometimes they build their own integration with Boulevard using Boulevard’s public APIs. (Example: Widewail)

Boulevard Enterprise customers have API access so they may hire a third-party developer to build a custom app for them, or they may build their own. These apps meet the specific needs of that individual business and are not available to other businesses.

You can now link both Public and Custom apps to Boulevard yourself. To do this you use a unique series of letters and numbers called an Application ID that functions as a key, allowing the two applications to communicate.

Only Admin users on Premier and Enterprise accounts have the ability to turn integrations on and off in Boulevard.

Application Installation Steps

  1. Get the Application ID. If you built the app yourself, it is in the Manage Apps section of Boulevard’s developer portal. If someone else built the application, ask them for the Application ID.

  2. Navigate to the Boulevard Dashboard and visit the Apps & Integrations page in the Manage Business settings. Scroll down to the Custom Apps section.

  3. In the “Custom Apps” section, select “Install” in the bottom left corner. This opens the App installation window.

  4. After entering the Application ID and selecting “Install” a confirmation displays, which includes additional Application information, like what data is shared between the app and Boulevard.

  5. Select “Confirm” to finish installing the application. The application should now show up in your Custom Apps section of the Apps & Integrations page.

Application listing

If you have built something that you think would be valuable for other Boulevard customers, let us know by contacting us at We’d love to hear from you.


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