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OPERA Integration

Overview of Boulevard's OPERA integration.

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Boulevard’s OPERA Property Management System Integration allows you the option to fully or partially charge for clients’ visits to your business by posting a charge to their hotel room. This integration supports OPERA On-premise, Oracle-hosted, and Cloud implementations within the Oracle Hospitality Suite.

To install the application in your account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

Posting a room charge

Once the integration has been set up, you see that you have “Post to Room” under “Other” as a new payment method at checkout. You can look up a client’s hotel reservation in the checkout window, using either their room number or last name.

Once that reservation has been found, you are able to apply the Post to room other payment method to the order. The payment amount specified is transmitted to their room tab in OPERA for the client to settle at the end of their stay.

If you need to void or refund an order paid via “Post to room” payment method, you can process the void or refund in the same way you would any other order. Any voided or refunded amounts using the “Post to room” payment method are transmitted to OPERA accordingly, keeping the two systems’ payment histories synchronized.

These “Post to room” payments and refunds are listed in Boulevard’s “Payments and Refunds” report, allowing you to easily reconcile your receivables for these types of payments with the hotel.

Reporting and Accounting for room charges in OPERA

During setup, your business supplies Boulevard with the Transaction Codes and Sales Itemizers used in your OPERA account to map payments of taxes, tips, services, and products to the desired accounting category in OPERA. This ensures that payments for any of these items are categorized appropriately in OPERA’s reports. Example mappings can be found below.

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