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Marketing Suite: Reporting & Attribution
Marketing Suite: Reporting & Attribution

Overview of Boulevard's Marketing Suite reporting and attribution.

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Once a campaign is live, you can see how that campaign is performing in the Marketing Summary, as well as by using the Marketing Campaign Beta Report.

Marketing Summary

The Automated Campaigns Summary shows an overview of performance for all of your Automated Campaigns. This dashboard summary is defaulted to month-to-date and includes:

  • Total Emails Sent

  • Total Booked Appointments and associated projected sales

    • Appointments:

      • Bookings capture both upcoming and completed appointments booked during the date range chosen

      • All bookings made within 7 days of receiving a marketing email are attributed, regardless of how they're made (from the email button, self-booking overlay, or call to book)

      • Customers are only billed after the booked appointment is complete

      • Projected sales are based on booked appointments

  • Completed Sales associated with completed appointments and the number of completed appointments. The completed appointment number reflects any appointment that was completed during the date range chosen.

The One-Time Blast Summary dashboard includes a detailed representation of each previously run, and currently running campaign, including delivery %, number of unsubscribes, and click rate. The default date range for this view is month to date - to see summary information for older One-Time Blasts, simply adjust the date range.

Marketing Report

To set up Customizable Marketing Reporting, select the Add A Report button under the Reports --> Beta Reports tab and search for ‘Marketing’. There are two types of default Marketing reports.


Marketing Campaign Performance

To see in-depth metrics on Campaign Performance by Location, Date, or Client you can use the Marketing Campaign Performance Report to view performance for all messages sent.


You can add a filter for delivery status to show whether an email was delivered or bounced. To do this, click on Customize Report, add the Delivery Status column, and click Update.

Marketing Generated Appointments

To see which clients booked appointments after receiving marketing messages you can use the Marketing Generated Appointments Report to view the Generated Appointments - both booked and completed, within a specific date range - by Client, Campaign, and Location.

Data shown in the report is based on when an action was taken - choosing a date range shows any appointments booked during that time period or any appointments completed during that time period.

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