Boulevard offers your business robust reporting capabilities to assist with understanding and organizing income, revenue, and employee performance. For businesses with multiple locations, reports are available at the individual location level. All reports can be easily emailed, and exported to CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.


Accessing Reports

  1. At the location level select the Reports tab at the top of the screen

  2. Select the desired date-range for the report by choosing individual days or by selecting from one of the many preset options (IMPORTANT: The date that is underlined at the top determines the range that is selected. Choose the start date by clicking the first day at the top, then clicking on the calendar, then click the second day at the top and then again on the calendar - see the animation below)

  3. With the date-range set now select the report on the left of the screen


Downloading Reports

  1. After selecting the desired date-range click the download cloud icon

  2. Choose between CSV, Excel, or PDF formats


Emailing Reports

  1. Enter in an email address in the text box next to the faded mail icon at the top right of the Reports window

  2. Click the now-solid mail icon box to email the current report

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