Sales Summary Report

Overview of Boulevard's Sales Summary classic report.

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The Sales Summary report shows the total dollar amount of payments and refunds, as grouped by sales type and payment type. This report also shows credit card processing fees.

IMPORTANT: This report only shows orders that were closed on the date(s) in view; this date may be different than the actual service or transaction date.

'Sales Category' includes:

  • Gift Cards - New gift card sales

  • Account Credit - New account credit sales

  • Services - Service sales

  • Products - Product sales

  • Tax - Total tax paid across all sales

  • Tips - Total gratuity paid across all sales

'Payment Method' includes:

  • Card - Orders paid by credit and debit card

  • Cash - Orders paid in cash

  • Account Credit - Orders paid with existing account credit

  • Gift Card - Orders paid with an existing gift card

  • 'Other' - Orders marked as paid by 'Other'

'Payment Processing' includes:

  • Card - Orders paid by credit and debit card

  • Card Fees - Total credit card and debit card processing fees deducted

TIP: As with all reports, the sort arrow icon next to the section title can be clicked to rearrange the display of rows within the particular section.

Example Sales Summary Report

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