Steps on how to enable the online booking waitlist and manage the waitlist from the dashboard.

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Boulevard's Waitlist feature allows businesses to organize requested appointments that are currently unavailable on the Calendar.

Enabling Online Booking Waitlist

To allow clients to join your waitlist from your online self-booking overlay, enable it by navigating to Manage Location settings > Details > Location Features > Online Booking Waitlist.


Adding to the Waitlist from the Self-Booking Overlay

Clients can join your waitlist when their preferred appointment time is not available:

  1. After selecting the service and service provider desired, if the client cannot find a time available that works for them, they can select Join Waitlist.


  2. Before confirming their spot on the waitlist, a credit card is required to secure their place. Clients are not charged until their appointment has been completed.


  3. The client receives a confirmation email that they've been added to the waitlist.

Adding to the Waitlist from the Dashboard

Businesses can also add a client to the waitlist themselves:

  1. From the calendar when creating a New Appointment, when prompted click Add To Waitlist at the top right of the screen.


    OR from the waitlist, click Add To Waitlist.


  2. In the pop-up window review the details and a note (highly recommended).

  3. Click Add to Waitlist.


Understanding and Editing the Waitlist

The number on the waitlist button corresponds to the number of clients waiting for appointments on the day you're currently viewing on the Calendar or Front Desk view. By opening the waitlist and removing the filter for the day you were viewing in the upper left-hand corner, you can view all clients on the waitlist, regardless of the day they requested.


Once on the Waitlist, each requested appointment shows the client name (linked to their Client Profile), phone number, requested staff member, service(s), a preferred time when the appointment was added, and notes. Use the filter or sort any column to find a specific waitlist entry.


On each line is the option to Edit, Book, or Remove the appointment. When an appointment on the waitlist is booked, it will no longer appear on the Waitlist.


NOTE: The waitlist feature through the Self-Booking Overlay does not take into account business closures or requested service providers. When a client adds themselves to the waitlist from the Self-Booking Overlay, they are added as a request for the first available appointment. Be sure to monitor the waitlist regularly to verify requests.

Waitlist Notifications

Never miss a new addition to your waitlist. A new notification alert displays on your Dashboard when a client joins the waitlist, making it easier to find ways to accommodate them.

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