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Recurring (Standing) Appointments

Steps on how to create and manage recurring appointments.

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Recurring or standing appointments repeat on a set schedule for a specified or ongoing number of times. Recurring appointments are created by the business only.

Appointments are set to recur at the time of the new appointment creation. Once an appointment is created you cannot go back and make it recurring.

Create A New Recurring Appointment

  1. Create a New Appointment.

  2. Open the appointment details by clicking the icon to expand the window or Edit Details.

  3. Under Date click the box next to This appointment should repeat.

  4. Choose the Frequency and Repeat pattern.

  5. Click Create Appointment.

  6. The appointment appears on the calendar with a repeat logo.


Once saved, you can view the calendar to verify that the recurring appointments were created.

Conflicts are not currently flagged, so please check each individual appointment for times when they may overlap with another appointment or period of blocked time. You want to move those individual appointments to a time convenient for your client and also resend a confirmation email before the appointment to notify them of the change for that specific appointment.

NOTE: The maximum amount of recurring appointments you can book at one time is 52. You can spread these out over weeks or months, but the system does not allow you to exceed 52 actual appointment bookings at one time.

Cancel A Recurring Appointment

  1. Single-click the recurring appointment on the calendar.

  2. Click Cancel Appointment.

  3. Select a reason for cancellation.

  4. Choose to cancel all future appointments by checking the box, or leave the box unchecked to cancel just the one specific appointment.

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