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IP Restriction and Network Ranges

Overview of how to set IP restrictions and add network ranges.

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Access to Boulevard, whether on the web version or the mobile app, can be restricted to pre-approved networks. Privilege Groups with "Restrict access to approved networks" enabled are not able to access Boulevard from outside the approved networks. Network ranges must first be added before access can be limited to those approved networks.


Adding Network Ranges

To add a new network range:

  1. Head to Manage > Security.

  2. Name the network range.

  3. Click Your current IP address to auto-fill in the current IP.

  4. Click Add Network Range.

The network range appears in the list. Repeat for all network ranges that should be in use.


Restricting Access to Network Ranges

Once the network ranges have been added, you can specify in the Privilege Group settings whether or not you want users assigned to that Privilege Group to be limited to using Boulevard only when in the approved networks. To restrict a Privilege Group to the approved network ranges, check the box next to Restrict access to approved networks and then Save.

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