Usage-Based Pricing

Details around using usage-based pricing in the Boulevard dashboard.

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Usage-based Pricing is available on Premier and Enterprise subscriptions, if you have any questions or would like to speak about upgrading your account please reach out to support via Help Chat or by emailing


Certain services at your business may utilize products during the appointment and you need to track this in your inventory. Additionally, the number of units or amount of product that gets used affects the price you charge the client for this service. Many businesses also pre-sell product units in bulk for a discount and need a system for tracking their redemption. This article walks you through how to set up your Boulevard account so that this product tracking and service pricing process can be fully automated.

Usage-based pricing is useful for:

  • Medspas that perform injectibles and price the service based on the number of units used

  • Nail salons that sell acrylics in retail but also use them when performing a manicure

  • Spas that use specific products during different massages or facials that would like to charge for them as well.

Things to Note

  • With usage-based pricing, you can track product usage even if the product isn’t sold as retail.

  • In emails and receipts, clients do not see how many units of product were used in their service. They only see the total price they were charged for the service, including the products that were used.

  • If this service can be booked online, the price displayed in the self-booking overlay factors in the default number of products this service typically consumes. This setting can be customized, allowing your self-booking to display whatever price you would like clients to see. This amount is what booking deposits and cancellation fees for this service are based on.

  • Services that use products when they are performed will calculate tax, gratuity, and commissions based on the total price of the service after product usage is factored in. Sales of these services will also display this total price in reporting. Products used during these services are not considered product sales in Boulevard’s sales or commission reports.

Setting up your Products and Services

  1. In the Products section of your Manage Business settings, select This product can be used when performing a service. Setting the Product Price is important only if you intend on selling this product retail as well. Setting the Default Unit Cost is important for reporting to know how much you generally pay when ordering each unit of this product.


  2. If you do not wish to sell this item to clients directly as retail, you may toggle this product’s availability in the Products section of your Manage Location settings. The product can still be used during the rendering of services.


  3. In the Services section of your Manage Business settings, select any service and navigate to the Options tab (*The “Enable service add-ons” check-box needs to be turned on under Manage → Details in order for you to see the “option” tab in your services). Under Product Usage, specify what product this service uses when performed. Set the Price Per Item to define how much each unit that is used contributes to the overall service price. The Default Quantity field sets a default number of units that are typically used during this service.

NOTE: This amount affects this service’s display price in the Self-Booking Overlay and any calculated cancellation fees and booking deposits.


Booking and Checkout

  1. When booking this service, you are able to set an expected number of product units that will be used when this service is performed. This number can be changed by editing the appointment.



  2. In checkout, you can see the total service price that factors in the service’s product usage. This total service amount can also be affected by discounts, offers, and price adjustments.


Inventory Management and Reporting

When products are used during services, you are able to track this usage in the Products section of your Manage Location settings as well as in Reports.


Prepaid Product Units

You are able to pre-sell products used in services to clients for them to redeem at a later date. Add the product you’d like to pre-sell in the Credits section of the checkout window, specifying the number of units. You may add a discount to this sale if you would like to offer your clients a special rate.


You may see a client’s balance in the Payment Methods tab of their profile.


When voiding or refunding an order where prepaid units were purchased, the client’s balance is automatically deducted according to the amount refunded or voided.

When this client checks out for an appointment where this product was used in one of the services, you can redeem their prepaid units in checkout by clicking the Credits section of the payments bar in the checkout window, selecting the number of product credits to redeem, and then pressing the Redeem button to apply for that payment.


The client’s outstanding balance of prepaid units decreases accordingly.

To refund the redemption of prepaid units, initiate the refund process on the Closed Order page. For services where prepaid units were redeemed, you may specify the number of prepaid units to refund back to the client’s balance.


Tracking Product Usage

To track product usage, create a Detailed Line Item beta report. Organize the report by Staff Name and Service Name. Add a column for Service Product Usage.

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