Boulevard has several integrated features to assist with processing payroll. Businesses with the premium Compensation and Performance Add-on can add specific service and product pay-rates/commission for each individual service provider. Once added, specific commission reports will automatically calculate service and product commission.

For businesses using the Time Clock feature, total work hours will automatically be calculated per shift and will appear in the Time Clock report.

Commission Structures

Commission rates are set in the Compensation tab on the Staff Profile. Both service and product commission in Boulevard can be tiered, with various commission percentages according to the total dollar amount of revenue. Tiered commission is not tax-bracket style; each new achieved commission tier will apply that new commission rate across all revenue.

Service commission can be overridden on a per-service, per-location basis.

Product commission cannot be overridden on a per-product basis.

Calculating Commission Payments

Boulevard's commission reports include Commission Summary, Service Commission, Product Commission, and Tip Commission. Within those reports, the word "commission" will always refer to money owed to the service provider, which "revenue" is money earned by the business.

Example: David is a stylist who earns 60% commission on all his services. David's commission on a $100 haircut is $60 and the revenue is $40.

For businesses wishing to review each sale by service provider, Boulevard recommends using the Staff Performance report. After clicking the individual service provider's name, the report yields comprehensive appointment details and sales metrics. This report is particularly valuable to service providers, and it can easily be emailed with a click of the email icon at the top of the screen. If service providers wish to see their daily totals, Boulevard recommends adding the sending of this report to daily closeout procedures.

Hourly Wages

Boulevard's Time Clock report will track total worked hours. At this time, there is no automatic calculation of overtime or application of hourly pay-rates.

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