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Boulevard Offset: Mastercard Surcharge Disclosure Form
Boulevard Offset: Mastercard Surcharge Disclosure Form
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Mastercard asks that merchants register a credit card surcharge program 30 days in advance of the date on which they will start surcharging. There is no acceptance or denial; Mastercard only asks for ample notice of any surcharge program before it goes into effect. Keep in mind that failing to register may risk fines or other penalties from Mastercard.

We’ve put together the following tips to help you register with Mastercard. To start, go to this link here to register.

When registering, please enter the personal and business information you used when signing up for your Boulevard Merchant Account. Fill out one form for each business location that will be using Boulevard Offset.

Tips for specific fields:

  1. For Organization Name, please enter the legal entity name of your business.

  2. For Merchant Name (doing business as), enter your d.b.a. If you have one. Otherwise, use your business’s legal name.

  3. The address should be the address for the specific location in which you’ll be using Boulevard Offset. If you’re registering multiple locations, please fill out one form for each.

  4. For Acquirer/Processor Name, enter “Boulevard Labs, Inc.”

  5. For Type of Surcharge, select “Brand.” This means that the surcharge will be for all credit cards.

  6. For Payment Channels, select the following if they apply:

    1. “eCommerce” if you will be accepting credit cards and/or deposits for online bookings.

    2. “Retail (face-to-face)” if you will be accepting credit cards in-person, either via Boulevard Duo/swiper or via card-on-file.

    3. “Telephone Order” if you will be accepting credit card numbers over the phone.

  7. For Date surcharge will begin, select 31 days from the date you’re submitting the form.

  8. For # of locations surcharging, select a range that represents the number of your business locations that will implement Boulevard Offset. You should still fill out one form per business location.

Boulevard Offset Acknowledgement:

Note that credit card surcharge permissions may vary by state, regulatory, or card network rules. Contact a tax professional or your local government for further guidance on whether your area permits surcharges. By enabling Boulevard offset, you acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to meet all legal and card network requirements, including MasterCard’s notification requirements.

For more details on Boulevard Offset, click here.

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