Businesses that use Boulevard's Account Credit feature are able to manually add or remove account credit balances right from a client's profile.

Anyone with business admin access can enable the privilege setting "Edit Account Credit Balance" for select privilege groups under the Privilege Groups section of the Manage Business settings. Admins will have this setting enabled by default.


Once enabled, an account credit balance can be modified from the client's profile within the Payment Methods section. If a client does not have a balance available, select "Add account credit?".


From there, an account balance and a reason for the modification can be added into the Account Balance window. If the client has an existing balance available, click the current balance amount to open the Account Balance window.


From the client profile you can also view the account credit balance history, including purchases, refunds, and adjustments. These details will contain an order number, amount, and the name of the staff member who completed the adjustment.


NOTE: In order to use this feature, an "Account Credit Adjustment" product will be created and automatically enabled for your business. It is important that you do not delete this product, as it will be used to create the associated orders for adding and removing balances. This product will be excluded from your Product Sales reporting.

Additionally, there will be corresponding orders automatically created for tracking purposes. These orders will be tagged using the "Account Credit Adjustment" note.

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