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Sharing Your Booking Link

Overview of how to share your booking link, shorten your URL or make a shortcut to your URL.

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For clients who contact you regarding making an appointment, Boulevard has made it easy for you to direct them to the booking page on your website. Although the business can add appointments manually, it is usually best to have your clients self-book.

Shorten Your URL

To send clients directly to the booking page on your website, we recommend shortening the link using Bitly. Go to and type in the URL link from your specific booking page. That new, shortened link can then be easily texted, emailed, or given out to your clients.


Make a Shortcut to Your URL

Relax! You don't have to remember your booking link. Create a 'shortcut' in your device's keyboard that will allow you to quickly enter the shortcut text (like "bookme") that will magically get replaced with the new URL for your booking page.

Instructions for iPhone:

  • General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > Add phrase and shortcut text > Save

Instructions for Android:

  • Settings > Language and input > Google Keyboard > Text correction > Personal Dictionary > Use the '+ Add' button to create and save the shortcut

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