Using the Boulevard Duo app, you'll never have to ask a client if they would like to add gratuity. Clients can add tips directly from the app.


Enable Gratuity

  1. Setup the Boulevard Duo app by following the instructions.

  2. In the Manage Business settings of your dashboard > Business Details tab > Gratuity Settings > toggle on Accept Gratuity.

  3. In the Manage Location settings of your dashboard > Hardware tab > Settings tab > toggle on Prompt client for gratuity amount. Set up to three gratuity percentages that clients can choose from.


Collecting Gratuity

  1. At the bottom of the checkout window, you will see the linked iPad for the Boulevard Duo app preselected (or can click to select it).

  2. Select any of the Card options such as Charge card with Boulevard Duo and select green button Collect Gratuity and Charge.

  3. On the Boulevard Duo app, the client will select the gratuity amount they prefer and then select Proceed to Payment.

  4. After a successful payment transaction, the order will be completed with the added gratuity.

Things to Note

  • No more signatures? Credit card companies no longer require EMV-compliant merchants to collect signatures. As long as the Duo is being used to collect payment, no need to worry about signatures!

  • Clients will be prompted to leave gratuity separately for each service provider on an appointment checkout.

    • To add gratuity for a staff member who isn't associated with the appointment directly such as an assistant, select the + button next to the Gratuity section to add the staff member to the checkout window. When the client is prompted to leave gratuity for their service provider, they will also be asked to leave a tip for the staff member added.

  • Clients will be prompted for gratuity for all credit card payment types, including card on file, manually entered, swipe, or EMV via tap/insert with the Boulevard Duo chip reader.

  • Clients will not be prompted for gratuity on partial charges.

  • Clients will not be prompted for gratuity for Cash, Gift Card, Account Balance, or Other Payment types.

  • If a service provider has set an Alias Name in their settings, this alias name will display on the gratuity screen of the Boulevard Duo app as well.

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